I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a partner, a business owner, a coach, a mentor, an advocate of women in the ever changing world we live in. 

A woman, who has just hit her 50th year on this planet, with three adult children, a past of success and twice as many failures that have led me to the place I am now. With perhaps age, reflection, life experience and a huge dose of hope and optimism I find myself here, empowering and celebrating every day women choosing a life that fills their cup.  

I am everything I choose to be.

Society and some others we may come across may try put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.


These three epic humans have been my joy, some of my pain, my lessons, my friends and my reason why! Each of them unique in their own way, each one amazes me daily. Each one on their own path to living the life of their choice. As I head towards the end of this chapter of parenting, I reflect on how fast the years have passed; almost at the speed of light, meanwhile I was worrying if the house was tidy enough, whilst I defended myself in family law battles. It passed whilst I cried when I was apart from them, whilst I tried to figure out how to save them. (More on this later.)

I am not just a mother, but being a mother has and is the biggest privilege of my life. I now get to be the parent of adults! Jeez! Does that mean I need to be one now?

And my wish is that in this community, we support, empower and celebrate women for all that they are. As let's be honest, we are pretty damn good at telling ourselves how bad we are doing it.

So mother, lean in, I got you!



There are a few words that my therapist has said to me that will never leave me. I have put her words into my own, but here is the gist.

In a discussion about childhood she shared that, as children grow up, they never look at their parents and think they're doing a crap job. Instead, we adopt their take on the world, their beliefs, their values, some of it without even knowing. My parents, like yours, did the best they could with what they had. Those words allowed me to view my childhood from a different view point.  

My mother, she taught me how NOT to be a mother. I am grateful for the lessons and forgive for what the small version of me did not deserve.

My father, as the cliche says, 'a daughters first love'. Whilst we we were not always together, he has been the consistency in my life. I have always thought he would have made an outstanding diplomat. Always able to be objective and see all sides to a story. Never losing his rag, always calm and collected. He shared with me his own values of honesty, respect and understanding. Something I now watch him do with my own children with joy!

There's obviously so much more to tell but for now, know that I am just like you.

I have my story, I have been through some stuff. I have been on the receiving end of domestic abuse, coercive and controlling behaviour, I have experienced heart break more times than I would have liked or feels fair. And whilst this is about being everything I want to be AND a mother, the reality is I have a three pretty compelling reasons to get back up and keep moving forward each time I fall.